What sets us apart...

The Physio Avantage Plus Clinic sets itself apart by its multiple expertises in physiotherapy all offered under the same roof. Such as:

  • Vestibular rehabilitation (dizziness, vertigo, balance)
  • Pelvic floor reeducation (urinary / fecal incontinence and pelvic pain)
  • Dry needling techniques for musculoskeletal pain treatment (intra-muscular stimulation and "Poncture Physiothérapiques avec Aiguilles Sèches (PPAS)"
  • Conventional physiotherapy
  • Sports medicine
  • At home physiotherapy

About us

We are a physiotherapy clinic whose mission is to offer superior quality treatments. Each patient is unique and receives individualized treatment to answer their specific needs.

Julie Boilard, Physiotherapist, Owner