What sets us apart...

The Physio Avantage Plus Clinic sets itself apart by its multiple expertises in physiotherapy all offered under the same roof. Such as:

  • Vestibular rehabilitation (dizziness, vertigo, balance)
  • Pelvic floor reeducation (urinary / fecal incontinence and pelvic pain)
  • Dry needling techniques for musculoskeletal pain treatment (intra-muscular stimulation and "Poncture Physiothérapiques avec Aiguilles Sèches (PPAS)"
  • Conventional physiotherapy
  • Sports medicine
  • At home physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists are considerate and devoted to your well-being. We always include personalized education in our treatments in order to give you an explanation for the cause of your problem. We also provide exercises, tips and advice to maintain the improvement obtained in the clinic, thus preventing a similar relapse in the future. We are committed to quickly and efficiently putting you back on the right foot for optimal health.

What’s more, we strongly encourage the post graduate education of our personnel in order to stay on the cutting edge of technology and offer superior quality care to our patients.

We have a multidisciplinary team with many years of experience and composed of physiotherapists, massage therapists, orthotherapists and osteopaths.

At the the Physio Avantage Plus Clinic, we are there for you !