Julie Boilard, physiotherapist, owner

Physiotherapist in pelvic floor reeducation and vestibular rehabilitation

Julie completed a Magna Cum Laude baccalaureate in physiotherapy at the University of Ottawa in 2003. Professional and very experienced, she succeeds in the treatment of all kinds of musculoskeletal problems using conventional physiotherapy and manual therapy.

Julie has post-graduated education in pelvic floor reeducation to treat urinary and fecal incontinence as well as pelvic pain in both men and women.

She also has post-graduated education in vestibular rehabilitation in order to treat positional vertigo, dizziness, balance problems, brain concussions and more.

What’s more, Julie succeeds in alleviating many musculoskeletal pains by using dry needling techniques.  She has obtained the certification provided by the OPPQ "Usage of needles under dermis" (UASD).  Today, we use the term PPAS "Poncture Physiothérapique avec Aiguilles Sèches".

Formerly a lifeguard, Red Cross instructor and aquaform course coach, she loves swimming, rollerblading, cross-country skiing, hiking and, naturally, spending good times with her family, husband and two kids.

Aïcha Myriam Diarra, physiotherapist

Aïcha Myriam started her university studies in 2014. After completing the first year in occupational therapy, she transferred in second year of physiotherapy at the University of Sherbrooke. Even if the decision remained hers, the year spent in occupational therapy has taught her another dimension of rehabilitation which contributed to have a more holistic approach and now helps her in identifying her patient’s situation.

In her opinion, physiotherapy is one of the best ways to participate in improving and promoting her fellow citizens health. Indeed, to help someone in getting at his highest physical capacities based on his potential of recovery is to give back a meaning to his life.

Aïcha Myriam is an active woman who likes team sports and outdoor activities, but also likes relaxing time like reading, listening to music and spending family time. She is a physiotherapist who knows how to listen to her patients. Therefore, she will be able to guide you to reach your optimal function.

Julie-Anne Bergeron, physiotherapist

Julie-Anne completed her Physiotherapy Master's program in 2017 from the University of Montreal and has since worked in a private clinic with a diverse musculoskeletal clientele. Fascinated by the resilience of the human body and with a desire to help people, physiotherapy came naturally to her.

As passionate about the international world and the arts, she considers herself curious and touches everything, which pushes her to stay on the lookout for new evidence to optimize her practice and offer the best possible quality of care.

Since leaving school, she has completed her level 2 manual therapy with the AQPME (upper and lower quadrants). She is also certified as a Sports First Responder and has had the opportunity to put her knowledge to the test by following cadet and youth football teams for 2 seasons. She wishes to continue her studies in manual therapy and broaden her fields of expertise, particularly in vestibular rehabilitation, treatment of concussions, and use of needles under the dermis.

A sportswoman since a very young age, she understands the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle for body and mind. 

Patricia Jimenez, physiotherapist

Patricia graduated in Physiotherapy from Maria Cano University, Colombia in 2002. She did the University of Montreal equivalencies to obtain her physiotherapy license in 2011. Patricia also works at the Shawville Hospital with a diverse clientele in orthopaedics and geriatrics.

She has completed several continuing education courses in orthopaedics (neuro-proprioceptive taping, disc pathologies: assessment and treatment in physiotherapy, dynamic shoulder dysfunctions, muscle control and lower limb proprioception, myofascial therapy, etc).

In addition, she has trained in pelvic floor rehabilitation to treat urinary incontinence and pain. Patricia is currently taking the course "Utilisation d'Aiguilles Sous Derme" (UASD)  given by the “Ordre Professionnel des Physiothérapeutes du Québec” to improve her approach and relieve musculoskeletal pain.

Passionate about nature, she enjoys outdoor sports and loves to practice Pilates because she is trained in the "Pilates Method".

Carolina Sanchez, physiotherapist

The health and well-being of people has always been her passion. In Colombia, her country of origin, Carolina completed her bachelor's degree in physiotherapy in 2004 and a master's degree in occupational health and safety in 2007. She completed equivalency studies at the Université de Montréal in 2016 in physiotherapy professional qualification. She is a member of the Ordre Professionnel de la Physiothérapie du Québec.

Carolina is committed to providing personalized treatment that takes into account each person's clinical and physical condition and objectives.  It also adapts to the needs of different clienteles: children, adults, the elderly, pregnant women, athletes.

The physical well-being of her patients is a constant concern for Carolina, so she follows the ongoing training of profession in different approaches to rehabilitation in order to offer a quality service. Carolina loves nature, spending time with her family, swimming, reading, cooking and travelling.

Tanya Sadouni, osteopath

Tanya became an Osteopathic graduate after six years of theoretical and clinical studies in Paris, France. 

She has done several internships in diverse sectors like hospitals, professional sports or perinatale care, that she particularly likes. 

Her gentle manual techniques are suitable for all types of patients from infants to seniors and aim at reducing musculoskeletal, nervous or circulation growing pains. 

Tanya is a holistic osteopath, she sees the body as a whole, a unit that functions and adapts to every event in life. That's why she is very attentive to diagnose and treat each of her patients according to their history and their lifestyle.  
Her personalized guidance, treatment plan and the relationship she creates with all her patients make her a passionate and committed osteopath. 

As a true nature lover, Tanya loves hiking, winter sports and also travelling, which gives her the opportunity to discover new cultures.

Émilie Onfray, massage therapist

Before becoming a massage therapist, Emile always worked in paramedical care as an orthotist.

Today, she continues to work with her hands to help you reduce tension and pain. She is a very calm person by nature and you can be assured that she will listen to you and meet your needs.

She is convinced that massage therapy is very beneficial for your health and believes that it is as important as physical exercise and that you must maintain healthy muscles with regular massage therapy sesssions.

On her free time, she loves running and enjoys modeling clay. Sculpting is for Emilie a form of manual therapy that helps her deepen her passion for anatomy.